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Plz help newbie with drums question

July 17th, 2009 + 5:07 PM  ·  smuzic

Hi all! Newbie here, need your help with the following: I'm looking for a drum sequencer freeware that has a preview facility so that I can preview each drum sound before sequencing. I have so many drum freeware, but none of them has preview feature. So I always find it hard to figure out how each drum instrument sounds. For example: Low Cabasa, Maracas, High Tom, Agogo, etc. etc.. It has become a big problem for me, so I need a freeware with drum sounds preview feature. Plz suggest if you know one such freeware..Plz don't suggest shareware, as I'm not in a position to purchase shareware right now, I have to go for freeware only. Thanks!
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